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What companies can learn from football


Adecco Finance Focus 2010

Game and suspense: football and company organization. Why does a football team have 11 players – and not 9 or 15? Why is a goal 2.44 meters high and 7.32 meters wide? Why was the new return pass rule introduced? And why are players no longer allowed to use their hands as they were in early forms of the game? Why bother with rules at all? ...

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Dr. Reinhard K. Sprenger - The Management author and trainer in interview


Karriereführer Europa 2008/2009

The Management Pope. Reinhard K. Sprenger has written extensively on the topic of management, including the themes of motivation, trust and personal responsibility. His latest book, "Gut Aufgestellt" ("Well Positioned"), is a comparison between football and management. In karrlerefuhrer, he discusses international teams, the European Football Championship and what managers can learn from football. Sabine Olschner posed the questions.

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